Whitechapel, mayn Vaytshepl

1 Freilachs for Sheila

2 Vaytshepl, mayn Vaytshepl

3 G minor Ser

4 Der Skyliner Khosid

5 My Home in Morgan Street

6 Old Solomon Levy

7 Dray Schvester

8 Hashivenu Nazad (Take us back!)

9 Doina for Clapton

10 Hackney Hora

11 Yiddisher Honga

12 Secret Love (Es iz nokh faran aza blum)

13 Galicianer Khosidl

14 Belf’s Bulgar

15 Mit Farmakhte Oygn (With Closed Eyes)

16 Victoria Park

Recorded in 2009 at Sound Solution Mastering studios in London Fields, this CD beautifully captures the live performance of the band. With a mix of tunes and songs, and some subtle arranging, there is plenty to keep you engaged. The songs are varied, and most have rarely been heard.  Sung in Yiddish but with full translations, they range from descriptions of hardship and poverty and the immigrant experience, to the light-hearted and upbeat expressions of street life in the Jewish East End. Clarinetist Jon Petter composed the Doina for Clapton and Hackney Hora specially for this CD, giving it one foot in social history, and the other confidently walking into the 21st century!

Four Weddings and a Barmitzvah

We recorded this CD over a decade ago in 1998 in The Steam Rooms, a community recording studio in Poplar, East London. It was recorded and mixed over just one weekend, and the ensuing album has a freshness and raw spirit to it that still pleases the ear after all these years.

"The CD "Four Weddings And A Barmitzvah" is one of the best recordings I've heard to capture that 'live' essence of a band in performance… This band play what they like and they play it well, with a great sense of obvious enjoyment about it. One of the most accessible klezmer bands on the London scene." Derek Reid, fRoots magazine

Below you can listen to a couple of tracks, and there are also 2 others on our myspace page.

1 Freilachs (Trad.)

2 Medyatsiner Waltz - The Silver Wedding (Trad.)

3 Bb Minor Bulgar (Dave Tarras)

4 Terkishe Yale V’Yove Tantz (Naftule Brandwein)

5 E Minor Nign - Dance (Trad.)

6 Ot Azoy Neyt A Shnayder (Trad.)

7 Araber Tantz (Trad.)

8 Bay A Glezele Mashke (Trad. arr Tim Israel)

9 Moldavian Hora - Ser (trad.)


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To buy either of our CDs, click here.

To buy either of our CDs, click here.