Klezmer Klub

is our latest CD...

‘Whitechapel mayn Vaytshepl’

Our fantastic new CD is a collection of songs and tunes with a strong London seam running through it. The set of Yiddish songs brings to life the characters, sites and sounds of the turn-of-the-century Jewish East End. They are filled with the names of places, people, activities, feelings and politics of what was once a vibrant Yiddish society. Some songs were written by famous writers: Morris Winchevsky, Itzik Manger and Chaim Tauber. Others are gleaned from oral history. Almost all have very rarely been heard. They have been meticulously researched (with much help from many in the Jewish community) and arranged by the band, and - together with some original compositions - go to make up a very 21st Century traditional klezmer CD!




Come and join in the opening of a new square on Aldgate High Street. Plenty to do all weekend, and Klezmer KLub play a set on Saturday 16th at 18:00.

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“navigates a forgotten tributary.. revives songs from Jewish London 1880-1940 with wit and verve.”

Mike Gerber, fRoots April 2010

glorious mixture of acoustic instrumentation.. a perfect mix of seriousness and irreverence... presented in a form that is great fun... accessible to anyone who loves to dance and sing... really does not matter if the listener doesn’t know their klezmer from their tango... a great achievement.”

Kevin Pearce, www.suite101.com

“WOWEE - I love the CD - great concept, great execution - love the street sounds, energy, smart unknown content - great r&d, and I love your singing! You sound wonderful, it is such a pleasure the whole thing!!”

Adrienne Cooper, New York

“A vibrant CD full of the heart songs of historic community. Klezmer klub have captured here the essence and the singing soul of what the poet Avraham Stencl numbered as one of our greatest townships. This is emotional touchy feely history beyond photographs.”

Derek Reid, London

“Hearing Klezmer Klub’s CD, and playing drums and percussion with them at a friends 70th birthday party re-connected me to my Yiddish east London roots, to my Russian grandma and to her crowded childhood growing up in Whitechapel and surviving in a large immigrant family. This is a great CD - buy it!”

Rory McLeod, Orkney