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‘Whitechapel mayn Vaytshepl’

This CD is a collection of songs and tunes with a strong London seam running through it. The set of Yiddish songs brings to life the characters, sites and sounds of the turn-of-the-century Jewish East End. They are filled with the names of places, people, activities, feelings and politics of what was once a vibrant Yiddish society. Some songs were written by famous writers: Morris Winchevsky, Itzik Manger and Chaim Tauber. Others are gleaned from oral history. Almost all have very rarely been heard. They have been meticulously researched (with much help from many in the Jewish community) and arranged by the band, and - together with some original compositions - go to make up a very 21st Century traditional klezmer CD!




Sunday 14 July 2019 2pm – 5pm

Victoria Park Bandstand, Grove Road, E3 4PE

Admission Free

 Celebrating The East London Federation of Suffragettes who campaigned for all ordinary women to have the right to vote which was achieved under the Equal Franchise Act of 1928. The ELFS Women’s Hall was based on Old Ford Road and they often held festivals and parties in Victoria Park.

 Everyone is invited to enjoy an afternoon Concert of live music, singing and dancing opened by Helen Pankhurst, with performances from Nari Chetona, Women Sing East, the Klezmer Klub and Deirdre Cartwright’s Picnic with Annie Whitehead / trombone, Al Rayner / bass, Winston Clifford / drums & Deirdre Cartwright / guitar, all introduced by Nora Connolly, plus Stalls, Exhibitions and Workshops, and a Pop-Up Portrait Booth for you to have your picture taken in period style.

 There will also be the opportunity to discover more about Sylvia Pankhurst and the history of the local East End women who were members of the ELFS from 1914, and how their campaign was grounded in the everyday reality of their lives and struggle for equality. They fought for a living wage , decent housing, equal pay ,food price controls, adequate pensions and numerous other causes. They organised a children’s health clinic, a nursery school, a co-operative toy factory, and a series of canteens serving nutritious food at cost price. They published a weekly newspaper ‘The Woman’s Dreadnaught’, took delegations of working women to Westminster to lobby politicians and held huge public meetings.


 This event is presented by Alternative Arts with support from Tower Hamlets Council. The Victoria Park Friends and The Women’s Hall Project.

 For further information contact Alternative Arts info@alternativearts.co.uk  020 8800 6665


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What’s new with us:

Wednesday 5th June 2019 saw us join DJ Ritu on her wonderful long-running show on Resonance 104.4FM #A World In London. A lively hour saw us showcase some of our as-yet-unrecorded songs collected by Vivi as part of her research for her new book Whitechapel Noise: Jewish Immigrant life in Yiddish Song & Verse, London 1884-1914

We also played our London tunes, and discussed Jewish London life through the ages, hearing personal histories from some of the band in the process.

You can see what DJ Ritu said about the show


You can listen to the full show here

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